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What story to live? Yours is a stunning, one of a kind, unlimited interactive visual story game. Players imagine and play through an infinite number of stories, all individually and uniquely crafted with the help of cutting-edge AI technology to create a truly immersive experience that is tailored to your every move.

To illustrate your stories, stunning visuals are generated on-demand, supporting any story you can imagine.

What is unique about Stories?

  • Story and choices¬†individually crafted in response to players interactions thanks to augmented Generative AI (Layer on top of ChatGPT, Dall-E)
  • Immersive visuals are generated on-demand based on the story and choices.
  • Limitless worlds of possibilities, whether playing in a community shared story or creating your own. Beta

Our closed Beta has limited participants (only 200!), and offers an early access to the game to few players before the official launch, as well as to exclusive perks (Discord Role, direct exchanges with the team).

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Your imagination has no limits