Live Generative AI Game Studio

Your investment opportunity

Advenworks is a next-generation game studio dedicated to creating and self-publishing high-quality, wide-appeal Live Generative AI games.

Key KPIs

  • 🚀 Over 10 million downloads.
  • 💳 16% conversion to subscription trials at $69.99.
  • 🕒 67% of users engaged for over an hour in single conversations.
  • 📩 Average of 277 messages sent per user per day.
  • 🎮 Live Gen-AI Tech for entertainment.
  • 💡 Subscription-based and In-app purchase business model.
  • 🌍 Team of global talents, blending Millennials and industry veterans.
  • 💹 Projected revenue of €1 billion in 5 years.

Secret Sauce

  • 🤖 Live Generative AI: Enhancing player imagination and interactivity
  • 🔑 Advenworks Interactive Framework (AIF): Our proprietary platform streamlining real-time Gen-AI content generation
  • 💰 High monetization: Combining long playtime with high user volume
  • 💡 Proprietary game factory technology: Streamlining development and reducing risks
  • 📈 Data-driven creative process: Maximizing player engagement and monetization
  • 🤝 Strong community focus: Showcasing creators & their work
  • 🚀 Exponential growth: Leading the AI gaming revolution

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