Loop - The Distress Call

Mayday! Mayday! FCV Raptora requesting immediate assistance!

Loop is an interactive story in which every little choices change radically the story. Your behavior and your bonds you build with the character will deeply affect the outcomes.

You receive a distress signal from Ensign Althea Young: Her ship is malfunctioning and the rest of the crew is compromised by a mysterious sickness. You’re the only person who can help.

As Althea struggles to understand what is happening, she will contact you throughout the day through notifications by sending you her findings, progress and fears; you can answer directly to dictate the next steps.

Each choice is important, and your behavior is decisive: the smallest interaction can have fatal consequences. Make your own decisions. Choose how you want to assist Althea’s efforts to save her ship and crewmates— and discover the numerous endings.

The case can’t be solved without you.
Listen to Althea. YOU can help.

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