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Embark on the most epic treasure quest

1. Select an NFT quest

Browse NFT quests located next to you and choose the one you want.

2. Explore the real world

Scan the real world with Augmented Reality (AR) & collect clues leading to your NFT.

3. Activate your NFT

Hurray! You found the NFT! Activate it to unlock your reward!




2023 Ariana Grande Tour Tickets

New-York City area, USA

Get your ticket for VIP access to NYC
Ariana Grande's concert.

36 left to discover

V-Bucks Gift Cards


Gift cards with 990 V-Bucks to spend
on Fortnite.

498 left to discover

VIP Paris Saint-Germain Badges

Paris area, France

Found this VIP badge, access to all Paris Saint-Germain's matches of the season, and meet your favorite player.

12 left to discover



Satoshis are spread all around the world!
A Satoshi is a fraction of a Bitcoin. Get Satoshis, get money!


Disney Parks Passes

USA, France, Japan

3-days Disney World & Disneyland Parks pass for 4 people, hotel rooms included!

222 left to discover

Redbull F1 Badges


Collect 10 of these badges, jump into the Red Bull racing car and meet Sergio Perez.

502 left to discover

Orelsan Concert Tickets

Caen, France

Get your ticket to Orelsan's concert & get an exclusive version of his last album "Civilisation".

49 left to discover

Nike Sneakers NFTs


Get this NFT and redeem a customized & unique edition of Nike Sneakers in real life & for the metaverse.

120 left to discover

Clash Royale Wizard Cards


Collect these special Wizard cards, redeem them in-game and receive a collector figurine.

4398 left to discover

Hawaï trip Tickets by

Berlin, Germany

Find one of these NFTs to win the best trip ever to Hawaï by, including flight tickets, hotel room, meals & experiences!

34 left to discover

Bored Ape #1734


95 ETH, either $266 000. That is the price of this piece of art created by the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Find this NFT, own it, hodl it or sell it!

1 left to discover

Frequent questions


Sure! NFT Go is the first NFT quest platform & gamified NFT marketplace. Explore & scan the real world thanks to Augmented Reality and go on a true treasure hunt! NFTs are everywhere around you! Find, buy, redeem, use or trade them as you wish! NFTs belong to you.

NFT Go allows you to win a large panel of prizes like digital pieces of art (graphic art, music, video, 3D models…), tickets for concerts, sports events, travels & unique experiences but also equipment & currencies for your favorite games, coupons, gift cards & Bitcoins. Check the Quests list to be aware of all NFT prizes currently available.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and is basically a property title for everything (art, tickets, coupons…). The big advantage of it? It is incorruptible and once you found/bought it, it belongs to you, meaning you can keep it, use it or resell it!

Yes, you are totally free to resell your NFTs to other people. For real money.

Not yet but we are actively working to release it very soon. Current listed quests & metrics are for demonstration only. Want to join the team or be part of the NFT Go adventure? Contact us!

Absolutely! Feel free to contact us to discuss and design your quest and your NFTs.

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